Amy Green Holtsberry

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Amy Green
Residing In: Carmichael, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Brent Holtsberry
Children: Jared Holtsberry (Step son) age 15
Current Occupation: Occupational Therapist
Yes! Attending Reunion
List Colleges Attended and Degrees Earned:

AA Butte College
Bachelors Science in Occupational Therapy, San Jose State University of CA

Where Else Have You Lived?

San Jose, CA; Thomson, GA; Dexter, MO; Davis, CA; Carmichael, CA

Where and/or How Did You and Your Spouse/Partner Meet?

We met initially when we were 13 & 15, his family moved to Chico. Our story starts 18 yrs later w/ me in Sacramento & mutual friends & Brent moving there also. We were a group of chico-ans hanging out in Sacramento area. The friends all left and Brent and I were left alone in SAC area and started to date for a week. Talk about being All wrong (felt like brother/sister when we kissed) So we stopped hanging out and called it off. Six months go by and no contact with one another. I had moved on so I thought. Then Brent started to call every day. Said he missed hanging out w/ me. Wanted to "hang out" again. I thought well no problem to hang out but I did not want to date him. No way. So we started going to movies, he started coming over for dinner, occasionally went dancing with a big group of people. More and more "hanging out" so to speak and that lead to starting to romantically liking one another. Somehow without delays this time we were dating more seriously, didn't feel like friends anymore. Dated about a year and then we got married April 30, 2004. I was 32 and married for the first time he was 33 and married for the second time. Wow who would have ever thought I would marry my friend Cheryl's older brother?

What is Your Best or Funniest Memory from High School?

When I was on the swim team, we were coming back from a meet and stopped in a little town called Los Molinos. The place was a ma and pa deli/ice cream parlor. The food was great and boy were the people working there surprised and overwhelmed to see us. GOOD memories. I also have a great memory of the TWIRPS when I asked a good friend to go with me. We had a blast and I loved all the fun I had that night.

What Was Your Favorite Class at Chico High?

Photography 1, Art

Who Did You Date or Have a Crush on in High School?

Billy Ahern, John Lazavechia and Michael Long. Oh my gosh did I just admit to that.

Do You Remember the Quad we Built our Sophmore Year?

The Love Boat

Who Won the Almond Bowl our Senior Year?

Chico High

What would we be surprised to know about you?

I grew up riding dirt motorcycles. I have a fake front tooth.


-Graduated, 1989 and stayed around for 2 years to go to Butte College got an AA and some pre-requisits for my new career of Occupational Therapy. Took me that long to figure it all out.
-Attended San Jose State University, some of the best years of my life. 91-95
-Moved to Missouri othewise "misery" for a job in Occupational Therapy. Met a few people but hated it there. Stayed 10 long months. Passed my Board exams there.
-Moved from Missouri to Georgia where I helped start a business with my supervisor from Missouri for Occupatioanl Therapy in all areas. Worked with kids, geriatrics, home health, hospital out patient, hippotherapy and every part of OT. Loved it. Made lots of friends. Good times.
-Got engaged to a man I thought was the one and only Michael (I met him in Missouri and a couple of yrs later he ended up in Georgia where I lived, Coincidence? ) He got sent to Korea w/ Army shortly after we got engaged.
-Moved back to Davis, Ca to make plans for the wedding. Got my heart broken as the engagement was off. BEST THING I could have done for myself move on and forget him.
-Moved to Sacramento, Ca to recoop and regroup in a new town not Davis. Found a job I have now at Easter Seals.
-Dated here and there and then started dating Brent.
-Got married April 30, 2004 in the Oakland Temple.
-Bought our first house in Carmichael 3.5 years ago.
-Living an average life. No kids of my own but helping to raise a 15 year old freshman named Jared.

Where have you traveled? Please list all of the different places you have traveled these past 20 years!

Bahamas, London, New York, New York; Athens, Savannah, Atlanta and most of Georgia: Charlston, Augusta and most of South Carolina; Florida all over; Baltimore, Annopolis Maryland; Williamsburg, Jamestown, Petersburg Virginia; Washington DC, Saint Louis, Ozarks, Branson and most of Missori; Philadelphia, Pennyslvania; Memphis, Tennessee; Big Loop Midwest states Illonois, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri; all up and down west coast; Oahu, Honolulu Hawaii; cruise to Puerto Viarta, Cobo San Lucus Mexico

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